Art Journey

Hi, Hello!


 I have always loved creating/experimenting with a variety of mediums but it wasn’t until the last 4-5 years where I really decided to hone in on my art/spirituality. I started to creating Mandalas specifically in 2013 when I was I was attending the Art Institute in Seattle, studying Graphic Design. That was really the beginning of my spiritual journey and I never really realized until recently how I can combine the two and really fine tune my craft. Back then, I just looked at doing this as way to just zone out and clear my mind of clutter and the chaos of being a college student. After years, it has become a complete meditative and spiritual practice for me. Mandalas are an object of meditation to aid in spiritual development. The repeating patterns and sacred geometry depict the universe, one’s spiritual journey, life cycles and most importantly, the interconnectedness of all living things.

Finding inspiration and motivation has come quite easy for me thankfully. Especially in the last year with the chaos of the world. Every day I try and spend time in nature and I really feel like that helps significantly. Doing a deep dive into sacred geometry and then realizing how we are all completely surrounded by it has been such a beautiful revelation for me. Sometimes I will look at my own art over the years and come up with ways as to how I can make my art little more intricate and fine tuned. Of course there are so many inspiring artist on social media that I look up to but nature has been the biggest inspiration for me. As for many people, covid kind of jolted me into doing this full time. Something I never thought I could do. Deep in my heart, I knew I wanted to be an artist but when you’re told time and time again that it is too hard and not stable enough to rely on for a living, it becomes a little discouraging. Becoming a foster mama to a little boy who relies on me for survival was definitely the kick in the ass that I needed to really make it happen. I wanted to prove to myself and to him that we can really do anything that we have our heart set on. This entire spiritual/art/motherhood journey has been the scariest and best trip ever. We can only go up from here.